Thursday, July 12, 2012

So...long time,huh? (She Said Nonchalantly)

I wish there was some way I could slip into this post without going into the specifics of why I've been away for so long. Because, let’s face facts here, all that's been happening in this blog for the last couple of years are excuses. Excuses and promises. I vanish for an unforgivably long time, come back with a lame excuse and an apology of a post, and promptly vanish again. And I cannot guarantee that it won't be the case anymore. 'Coz the pressure of being consistent at something is hard enough for me to quit without trying. That's just how I'm made. So, let’s keep it real quiet, and don't switch on the lights, while I try to slink in though the backdoor here.

I'm also beginning to realize how important it is to keep a record of our adventures. Because, a month into the routine of everyday life, however heavenly the vacation might have been, all you'd remember about it was how you disastrously wore four-inch stilettos to a beach party, or how you almost nearly missed that tour bus to Niagara because you were nursing a nasty hangover. That, and that picture of you that looks like you have the Washington Monument growing out of your head, because that's the only photo from the trip that got miraculously saved when you cleaned your hard drive. So you see, its important to keep those memories intact!

So, without further new beginning, in a new city: Bangkok!


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Daene said...

"'Coz the pressure of being consistent at something is hard enough for me to quit without trying. That's just how I'm made."

Oh my goodness. This is EXACTLY how I am, too. My blog has more dry spells than I'd want to admit (it's experiencing one right now - no single new post in months). Being able to post regularly is just difficult sometimes.

I hope you don't mind if I put a link to this post on my Facebook page to explain why I haven't been writing. Haha.

That being said, I love how you write! I will be patiently waiting for something new on your blog - no pressure though. :)